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Best Film - Zaghouan Mountain Film Festival, Zaghouan, Tunisia.
Best Short Film - FICMUS 2018, Ushuaia, Argentina
Best Animation - Mountain Film Festival, Mammoth Lakes, USA. 
Judges Special Mention - Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2018, Sheffield, UK.
“Some Comic Relief at this year ShAFF. It has to get a judge's special mention. With a brilliant script an excellent timing Uruca 2 will have the audience on the edge of their seats as well as chuckling at the terrible situation two climbers get themselves into.”
Hugo and Felipinho are back on the wall (a remote spire, actually, in the middle of the glaciers) to face all challenges of alpine climbing—frozen and wet rock, poor communication with each other, inner demons talking shit, selfies and the frigid, ever-changing weather.
After a harrowing trip to the Bugs in June 2016 with my good friends (affectionately called “The Dudes”), I was inspired to create this film.​​​​​​​

Production 2017
Lenght 8 minutes
Animation Erick Grigorovski
Music/Sound Design Caio Cesar Braga + Pedro Fontes
Lipe Felipe Assad(Portuguese) and Chad Brown(English)
Hugo Gustavo Cadar(Portuguese) and Chris Campbell(English)
Logotype Gustavo Cadar
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