URUCA short film  (44 festivals, 24 nominations and 8 awards!)
Best Film on Rock Climbing VIMFF 2009, Canada.
Grand Prix of Short Film on Fiction 26th Autrans Festival, France.
Best Short Film 5th Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, Great Britain.
Special Jury Award 26th Teplice nad Metují Film Festival, Czech Republic.
Special Jury Award 10th Hory a Mesto Festival, Slovakia.
Best Film 8th International Mountain Films Festival, Brazil.
Best Director 8th International Mountain Films Festival, Brazil.
Best Director IV FATU Brazilian Adventure Film Festival, Brazil.

On a Sunday morning perfect for rock climbing, Hugo tries one of the most hard and desired climbing routes at the sugar loaf in Rio de Janeiro: "Uruca". Extremely difficult and dangerous it will demand all of his skill and concentration. The film shows all the difficult in a ascension like that in Rio de Janeiro.
Based on stories told by friends and on my own climbing experience, this short movie features typical problems that climbers face on the routes of Rio de Janeiro. 
The production lasted 10 months and was digitally animated. Felipe Assad, one of the greatest climbers in Rio, dubbed himself in the film.
Production 2008
Length 8 m 

Animation Erick Grigorovski 
Music and Sound Effects Caio César Braga 
Narration Felipe Assad 
Post Production Ronald Cruz 
Technical Consultant Sérgio Pranzl
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