TERRA INCOGNITA short film, graduation project at ESDI, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Best Brazilian First Work AnimaMundi 2001, Brazil.
Best Animation Festival Guarnicê 2002, Brazil.
In the fifteenth century, a spanish man, Carlos, questions his actions and his life after living among Tupinambá indians in the Brazilian coast. His European mercantilist vision collides with the naturalism and innocence of the first inhabitants of Brazil.
The short animation movie of 11 minutes, all done with pencil and crayons on paper, is the final project in visual programming graduation at the Rio de Janeiro State University Design School, which received maximum score, with supervision from Noni Geiger. 
The production took 9 months, 4 research, and the remainder in the implementation of the short movie, whose goal is to pass historical and artistic knowledge permeating the reality with fiction. 
The fictional character witness moments of Brazilian history, and his perception of these events changes due to its experience among the natives. 
Aiming towards outlining this change, a graphic analysis of illustrations in books of the time (centuries XV and XVI) was conducted to show the European perspective as engravings. Also, an analysis of the various forms of representation in Indian art, to use this style as a representation of the indigenous look and with that show both points of view throughout history.

Production 2001
Length 11 m 12 s 
Animation Erick Grigorovski
Production Luciana Moreira
Music Andréa Farnettani
Narration Sílvio Vasconcelos
Sound Effects Jorge Afonso Candreva
Academic Adviser Noni Geiger

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